Company Information

Who We Are

TSW Automation, Inc. is a "Technology Solution Provider" of software products and custom software to mid size and enterprise manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and logistics companies.

Implementation of Auto-ID (Barcoding and RFID), Wireless networking, Automatic weighing, Conveyor control, Data collection, Process control, Inventory, Production tracking, and Mainframe/Host interface are some of the solutions we provide.

Our Mission

TSW Automation exists to help the distributor to ...

  • Add Value

    To increase revenues you must deliver more value. The best way to grow your existing business is to add value to the sales you are already making.

  • Profit

    Add to your bottom line with automated systems. Often standard sales can double in value and profit by selling up to an automated system.

  • Differentiate

    In today's competitive market, companies need every opportunity to separate themselves from the competition. Providing unique automated solutions does just that.

  • Minimize Cost

    To stay competitive, costs must be kept low. Yesterday's concept of doing everything in house has proven too expensive. Outsourcing is one of today's most popular ways of keeping costs low. By focusing on your company's Core Abilities and outsourcing the rest, your company will survive to see the next millennium.

  • Grow

    If you already provide systems, let us help you manage your programming overflow. Until you can justify the personnel, we can help meet your automation demand.