Network Batching Control System

"Feedmill Control for the 21st Century"


    Multi-Scale Batching Control System

  • Automatic Multi-Draft Batching
  • Batches Main and Micro Ingredients Simultaneously
  • Pause and Resume functions allow Manual Control

    Powerful Recipe Management

  • Allows pre-defined series of batches to be produced
  • Hand-Add Ingredients can be added at any point
  • Able to split liquid ingredients to multiple entry points

    Comprehensive Reporting

  • Tracks material usage, even during manual control
  • Reports in summary and detail, and various sort orders
  • Data Export to Excel, CSV, and others

BatchNet is the latest in feedmill control technology.

BatchNet brings unprecedented flexibility and control to give you faster batching with easier operation and accurate reporting and inventory. The system is expandable to control a virtually unlimited number of ingredients, recipes, groups, locations, and destinations. The system is easily configurable to your exact requirements.

The BatchNet system is built on a fully integrated network based design, that not only allows for seamless integration and control of the individual batch system components, but also allows for an amazing array of remote control and support capabilities. System operations can be controlled, monitored, and reported on from anywhere on the Network. The system will automatically notify the owner or operator of batch progress or interruption via beacon light, e-mail, or by sending a text message to your cell phone. Remote Control, System Maintenance, and Remote Manufacturers Support can all be accomplished via the local network or the internet.