Carcass Tagging & Tracking System

"Weigh, tag and report in one easy operation"


    Fast, durable tags

  • Accurate tags at the press of a button
  • Flexible fields show items you choose to track
  • Identify carcasses downstream visually or with optional barcodes

    Accurate reports

  • Show reports by lot, type, grade, grower/supplier, date
  • Automatically email reports
  • Export to spreadsheets or databases for further analysis

    Less effort

  • Select tag parameters on weight display or pushbutton panel
  • Eliminate manual reporting errors and delays
  • Achieve non-stop operation with optional dual-redundant printers

    Designed for the environment

  • Reporting PC stays in the office environment
  • All components housed in wash-down cabinet at the scale
  • Legal for trade NEMA IV weight indicator

    Select from several standard fields

  • Lot, Time, Date
  • Grower/Supplier
  • Sex/Grade: numeric (1,2,3) or descriptive (BULL, COW)
  • Type: Kosher or non-Kosher
  • Quality Grade
  • All optionally barcoded

The CAR-PAC system generates fast, durable carcass tags and produces immediate and accurate reports. Replace labor intensive and error prone handwriting of tags and manually tallying of reports. Complete carcass tracking from receiving, hot scale, cold scale, to shipping.