Chemical / Rubber / Plastics /
Pharmaceuticals Industry

"Weighing solutions for chemical makers and processors"


    Batching and Blending    FABS (Formulation and Batching Supervisory System)

  • Fast - accurate batching with enforced tolerances and auto-adjust
  • Historical batch traceability
  • Track ingredient usage by lot, vendor, formulation
  • Designed for the environment

    Truck / Rail Scale    tWeigh Truck Scale Management System

  • Job tracking and accumulation
  • Stored tares for one-weigh ticketing
  • Unattended / Barcode / magstripe / RFID
  • Security and audit facilities

    Check-weighing      WAVEX (Weighing & Verification System)

  • Weight verification by product, static and in-motion (conveyor)
  • Sortation divert control by weight, product SKU, shipper, etc.
  • Reduce incorrect shipments / Verify package weight and count
  • Bar code labeling / Production reporting / Shipment reporting

    Part Counting / Fill by count      ITRAX (Inventory Tracking System)

  • Piece-weight lookup for counting scales
  • Weight and count based inventory control
  • Cycle counting / Bar code labeling / Production reporting
  • Operator prompting on scale while PC stays in the office

    Flow control and Monitoring

  • PID target rate control
  • Additive ingredient flow matching to bulk ingredient
  • Weight-based flow increases accuracy over flow meters
  • Hazardous environment tank weight PLC interface

    Comprehensive Reporting and Graphing

  • Production reports by product, shift, line
  • Ad-hoc queries for "what if" analysis
  • Data export to accounting packages, MS Office, email, web, ODBC, mainframes
  • User defined reports

    Standalone or interface to mainframe systems

  • Live or batch data transfer to host / ERP system
  • Transfer via LAN / WAN / FTP / email / wireless
  • Export to flat file, database formats, comma delimited, fixed record length
  • Supports Excel, ODBC, SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2, AS/400, UNIX, etc.