Weigh Labeling and Production Tracking

"Let your labels reflect your quality"


    Carton and Pallet Bar-code Labeling

  • Inspection Legends / Company Logo
  • Ingredient Statement / Handling Statement

    UCC/EAN-128 Perishable Symbology Bar code

  • Mfg code, product UPC, net weight, serial number
  • Quantity, sell by, use by, pack date

    Production Reporting

  • By shift, lot, product, operator, production line
  • Standalone or interface to accounting / mainframe system

    Verify carton contents by weight

  • Accept reject weight tolerance by product
  • Ensure correct shipments

    Designed for the environment

  • Ruggedized off-the-shelf equipment on the plant floor
  • PC stays in the office

TSWA IPAC Weigh-Labeler System

  • Weighing
  • Labeling
  • Bar Coding
  • Production Tracking and Reporting
One Software Solution That Does It All ...

Imagine being able to weigh products, print bar coded labels, track thousands of items and run detailed production reports - with a single software system. It's all possible with the IPAC Weigh-Labeler Production Tracking System from TSW Automation Inc.

TSWA IPAC Weigh-Labeler software links your office PC with one or more scale indicators for powerful results. It provides an easy-to-use, fully integrated solution for a wide range of weighing, labeling and product tracking functions.

What's more, the IPAC System prints professional-looking, bar coded labels that supply information required by the government and many vendors, including: the name of the food, inspection legend, net weight, ingredients and the name/logo of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. That means no more sending out packages with hand-scribbled information. No more containers plastered with different labels. With the IPAC System, all the essential information is neatly contained in one location... on a single label.

And this can help you:

  • improve your professional image
  • boost overall operational efficiency and productivity
  • comply with federal and vendor requirements

How the System Works

The IPAC System is designed to accumulate the weights of product containers as they are weighed and added to a pallet. As containers are weighed, the system creates a label with information about the container printed in text and in a UCC/EAN 128 bar code. When a pallet of product is completed, it automatically generates a pallet label with the number of containers and net weight.

The system provides product data to the scale station. The scale system, in turn, provides the completed weighment data back to the computer. Then, the system allows the stored data to be viewed in reports on a computer screen or printer. One office PC can serve up to 16 scale stations.

Operates Without A Computer

The IPAC Weigh-Labeler System can operate normally without a computer. It can run in stand-alone mode when your PC is down for maintenance or during unexpected power outages. Completed weighing information will remain securely stored until the PC is reconnected.

Optional Communication Protocol

The system allows third parties, such as mainframe programmers, to directly retrieve and delete transactions. Communication options include LAN / WAN via TCP/IP, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-232 and RS-485.