Inventory Tracking System

"When inventory accuracy matters"


    Piece-weight lookup for counting scales

  • Key in or scan part number to retrieve piece weight and description
  • Operator prompting on scale while PC stays in the office
  • New parts can be added on the fly by weighing sample

    Weight and count based inventory control

  • Inbound, Outbound, and Inventory adjustment transactions
  • Automatic reorder report by part number
  • Cycle counting functionality and reporting

    Cycle counting / Bar code labeling / Production reporting

  • Container and/or shelf location labels
  • Flexible query system for all items with given criteria
  • Reports by shift, production line, part number, date, etc.

    Standalone or interface to ERP / Accounting systems

  • Live or batch product ID / SKU table transfer
  • Transfer via LAN / WAN / FTP / email
  • Export to Excel, database formats, HTML, ODBC, CSV, flat file

The ITRAX - Inventory Tracking System automates counting scale processes to get data from the factory floor to databases for more efficient reporting and data integrity. Optional barcode/RFID scanners and printers at the scale create increased efficiencies for inventory and production reporting. ITRAX allows Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory operations directly from the scale while the computer resides in the office or datacenter.

ITRAX includes a wide variety of standard reports and graphs as well as customizable queries and formatting. Data is selectable by date-range and different sort orders including transaction audit trails for quality reporting.

The scale operator inputs a part number into the scale and the related details for the part are retrieved from the PC or enterprise database to complete the transaction. Piece weights are updated by sampling at the scale, or maintained via PC interface from a lab produced sample.

The system uses Piece weight values to calculate the total pieces in the container and combined with data such as Customer, Warehouse, Operator, etc. the system produces a label and stores the transaction.

No more keying in volumes of information into each scale only to have the data lost when the scale is serviced. Databases in the ITRAX server or enterprise database are secure and easily backed up. Multiple scales share the same data and populate common reports that can be exported to Excel, Access or other databases as well as automatically emailed.