Warehousing -
Distribution - Logistics

"Weighing solutions for the transportation industries"


    LTL Trucking lines

  • CONFIRM Freight Weight Verification
  • Correct shipper's estimated weight
  • Lift Truck scales reduce weigh time
  • Live or batch Pro / invoice weight correction transfer

    Warehouse / Distribution Center Conveyor Control

  • Sortation divert control by weight, product SKU, shipper, etc.
  • Divert to rework / inspection lane
  • Visual accept/reject indication for manual operator sortation
  • Divert to shipping lanes according to order or shipper field

    Truck Axle-weighing

  • Truck Stop - Pay inside or Currency / Credit Card operation
  • Manufacturers, Distribution Centers
  • Verifying legal highway weight limits
  • Multi-platform / Single Axle / Traxle support

    Locomotive / Rail Car Weighing

  • Verifying legal rail weight limits
  • Loading / Unloading
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • In motion weighing