Listed below are the products offered by TSW Automation, Inc.

  • BatchNet


    BatchNet is the latest in feedmill control technology. It brings flexibility and control to give you faster batching with easier operation and accurate reporting and inventory.



    Complete carcass tracking from receiving, hot scale, cold scale, to shipping. The CAR-PAC system generates fast, carcass tags and stores the data for use in reporting.



    Bill by actual weight, not shipper estimations. The CONFIRM system provides the most streamlined method available to get actual freight weight into a freight-management system computer.

  • FABS


    The FABS Formulation and Batching Supervisory System controls and monitors the manual fill of ingredients into a scale mounted container.

  • IPAC


    The IPAC Weigh-Labeler Production Tracking System is able to weigh products, print bar coded labels, track thousands of items and run production reports.



    The ITRAX Inventory Tracking System automates counting scale processes to get data from the factory floor to databases for more efficient reporting and data integrity.

  • PDOX


    The PDOX System provides truck scale users with all of the tools needed to quickly process truck weighing, process inbound/outbound transactions, capture essential transaction information and provide powerful reporting capabilities.



    The SHARP Harvest Receiving System tracks the harvest received from growers from the moment it is received at the truck scale, and moves into the storage/processing location.

  • tWeigh


    The tWeigh system provides truck scale users with the tools needed to quickly process inbound/outbound truck weighing transactions, capture essential transaction information and provide powerful reporting capabilities.

  • tWeigh Unattended

    tWeigh Unattended

    The unattended tWeigh system works in conjunction with a touch-screen monitor for user interface and a kiosk control module mounted near the truck scale, to produce scale tickets for customers without the presence of a scale operator.

  • VDAC


    The VDAC Verified Data Collection System is a data collection utility which records ASCII data received via RS-232 on a Windows based computer to a data file. This file can be opened and used by other programs.



    The WAVEX Weighing & Verification System is designed to check-weigh, using static or in-motion scales. WAVEX provides real-time tolerance checking with Accept/Reject of finished goods on the production line.