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    Scale Indicator Applications

  • (Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM series, Rice Lake 920i)
  • The best indicators in the industry for automation

    Windows PC Applications

  • (Truck scale, Bar-code, Batching, Monitoring, Reporting)
  • Capitalize on the economy of computer technology

    Mini/Mainframe Interface Applications

  • (UNIX, IBM AS/400, Oracle, DB2, SQL, ERP, Middleware)
  • The Enterprise customer is the next frontier in scales

You may design and provide your own applications, or prefer to focus on your core expertise of scale sales and service. Either way, you likely know the value of providing solutions. Our approach is to minimize the burden on your staff to implement solutions and free your people up to focus on the next sale.

All weighing operations, no matter how simple, involve collecting data. All weighing operations, no matter how simple, involve collecting data. Even a simple shipping or receiving scale, or a simple bench scale, collects data that is used or passed on in some form or fashion.

Behind every scale application is a problem that needs to be solved. The problem may be very simple, but it still exists in every application where a scale is truly needed. And the problem always revolves around the collection and manipulation of data.

Solving application problems involves a thorough analysis of the customer's perceived need. Solving the application problem requires asking questions about all aspects of that need, looking upstream and downstream from the proposed scale location to see what really happens in the operation, searching for ways to solve the problem in the simplest possible way, and determining what information the customer would like to derive and how that information is to be captured and stored.

Often, the customer will not realize the power or possibilities you can offer for information collection or process control. One must find out what the real problem is, and go about finding the proper solution.

It is then important to convince the customer that you and your company have the means and the resources to provide the most elegant, efficient, and cost effective answer to the problem he faces.