Harvest Receiving System

(Scale-based Harvest Asset Receiving Platform)

"Receiving the harvest with speed and accuracy"


    Lift Truck Scale Support

  • Greatly reduced weigh time
  • Weighing on the move increases productivity
  • Radio Communication or wired batch download
  • Optional on-board label / ticket printer

    Truck / Deck Scale Support

  • Fast Tickets
  • Drop-down lists for growers, vehicles, varieties, etc.
  • Stored tares for one-weigh ticketing
  • Multiple scale support speeds throughput

    Comprehensive Reporting

  • Payment processing
  • Browser based on-line accessible grower daily reports
  • Ad-hoc queries for "what if" analysis / user defined reports
  • Data export to accounting packages, MS Office, email, web, ODBC, mainframes

    Ease of Use

  • Quick learning curve for new operators
  • Barcode / Magstripe / RFID reduces keystrokes
  • Automatic security and audit facilities
  • User specified field names to match terminology


  • Networking for multi-user over LAN / WAN / Wireless
  • Unattended operation cuts labor costs
  • Job tracking and accumulation
  • Quality sampling for lab testing

Other Features

What-if analysis
Contract tracking
Payment processing
Wired or wireless operation
Handheld PDA

What matters:

Who and how much (weight, type, quality, and source)
Fast processing
Minimal manual effort
Improved accuracy through automation
Flexible, accurate on-demand reports

The SHARP System Tracks and Reports on:

From whom: Growers / Crew / Haulers / Driver

From where: Plot / Vineyard / Field / House

On what: Truck / Trailer / Cart

In what: Pallets / Totes / Flats

What kind: Variety / Type / Grade

How much: Lift Truck Scale / Truck Scale / Deck Scale

When: Time / Date

Where to: Storage / Processing location

How good: Quality samples for lab test