tWeigh Unattended

Truck Scale Data Management System

"Bringing truck scale transactions to your bottom line"

(available exclusively through TSW Automation, Inc.)


    Fast Tickets

  • Formattable tickets per customer or material or job
  • Drop-down lists for vehicles, materials, customers, etc.
  • Stored tares for one-weigh ticketing

    Comprehensive Reporting

  • Ready to mail invoices
  • Ad-hoc queries for "what if" analysis
  • Data export to accounting packages, MS Office, email, web, ODBC

    Ease of Use

  • Quick learning curve for new operators
  • Barcode / magstripe / RFID reduces keystrokes
  • Security and audit facilities


  • Networking for multi-user over LAN / WAN/ Wireless
  • Unattended operation cuts labor costs
  • Multiple scale support speeds throughput
  • Job tracking and accumulation

Unattended Operation

The unattended tWeigh system works in conjunction with a touch-screen monitor for user interface and a kiosk control module mounted near the truck scale, to produce scale tickets for customers without the presence of a scale operator. Unattended operation saves time and cuts labor costs.

The monitor and control module are typically mounted in a metal cabinet, along with a thermal ticket printer, keyboard, and other options as needed. The scale indicator can be mounted inside the kiosk or in the office. In order for the unattended system to function, the tWeigh program must be running on the computer inside the office.

Typical operation involves the truck driver pulling onto the scale, approaching the unattended station, and scanning a barcode card or RFID card encoded with the vehicle ID. The kiosk then communicates with the tWeigh program to verify the vehicle ID. Information associated with the vehicle, including the Customer and Material ID, is sent back to the unattended station.

The driver verifies that all information is correct, and presses the "Accept" or "Print" key. The weight is captured, and the data stored in the tWeigh computer system. A ticket is then printed for the driver at the unattended station.

Unattended tPanel Available Features

Alphanumeric Keyboard

ABS Polycarbonate Frame
88 Key Alpha Numeric Character Set
USB Interface for Easy Replacement
NEMA 4 Rain Proof Enclosure

Bar Code Scanner

Authenticate Customers, Drivers, or System Administrators
Panel Mount Reader
NEMA 4 Rain Proof Design
Reads In-Yard Ticket Barcode
Barcode Cards are available in Generic or Customized Styles
Custom ID Cards can include Color Photographs and Barcode Info.

RFID Short Range Card Reader

Authenticate Customers, Drivers, or System Administrators
Non Contact RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Technology
Pass the RFID Card Within 18" of the Read Pad to Authenticate User
Rugged NEMA 4 Rain Proof Design
Available for Truck Cab Height Terminals for Driver ID

RFID (Long Range) Automatic Vehicle Identification

Automatic Vehicle/Driver Identification
25'-30' Sensitivity Range using Windshield Mountable Tags
Utilizes Windshield Mount or Driver Held ID Tags
Remotely Maintain User/Vehicle Database w/ Tares

t830 Wireless "Mobile" Interface Terminal

Wirelessly Communicate Load Out Orders to Loaders or Forklifts
Show Live Scale Weights and Transaction Data in Front End Loader Cab
Communicate Dispatch Orders to Trucks on the "Weigh Out" Scale
Available Barcode Scanner lets you Log Drivers or Scan Orders/Tickets
802.11 Network allows Driver Input & Order Processing from the Cab


Connectability to your Existing Wireless Network
Totally Reliable, Totally Secure, Networking Hardware
Coverage Area is Determined by Antenna Selection and Configuration
Available for both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Yagi - 802.11 (Long Range) Bridged Ethernet

Allow Zone Network Coverage of Your Truck Scale Area
Provide Zone Network Coverage of your Load Out Yard to Loaders/Lifts
Combine Antennas/Access Points to Provided Total Area Coverage
Totally Secure Encrypted Wireless to Connect your Local Area Networks
Available for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

900 MHz (Ultra-Long Range) Bridged Ethernet

Extend your Network to Communicate with a Remote Scale Location
Totally Secure Point to Point (ONLY) Encrypted 900Mhz Operation
Systems available w/ Line of Sight Range of 20 Miles
Shorter Ranges are Achievable when Line of Sight is not Possible

Fiber Optic Networking

Connect to remote Network Workgroups or Locations
Extended Range Beyond the Capability of RJ45 Copper Cabling
Highly Reliable, High Speed Connectivity for Site Wide Networking

Panel Mount / Desktop Ethernet Intercom

Ethernet IP Based System Communicates over your Existing Network
NEMA 4 Panel Mount Versions Install in your Un-Attended Terminals
Desktop Phone Versions available for your Scale House or Office
Multiple Location Systems Are Available

Handset Style Intercom

Handset Style Intercoms are best for High Noise Areas.
Direct Point to Point Systems are the Most Common
Systems can also "Auto Dial" to an Existing Phone Extension
Very Rugged Design
Modular Design for Ease of Replacement

Color Ethernet IP Camera(s)

Color Video over your Ethernet Network
Multiple Camera Views from a Single Screen
View the Operator at an Un-Attended Terminal Location
Position Multiple Camera(s) to View Driver/Load/Scoreboard Display
Attach Snapshots to your Weigh Ticket Number or Invoice
Monitor Your Truck Scale from a Remote Location

Un-Attended Thermal Ticket Kiosk Printer (1 or 2)

Easily Replaceable 3-1/8" Paper Roll Stock
Automatic Cutter/Presenter Module Hands Ticket to the Driver
RS-232 Serial Interface Communication to Host
Optional Network Interface Allows Remote Printing from PC
Totally Reliable Star Micronics Kiosk Print Engine.
Automatic Alert When Paper is Low/Out and Switch to Backup Printer

Desktop Ticket Printer

Convenient Desktop Design
Replaceable 3-1/8" Paper Roll Stock
RS-232 Serial Interface Communication to Host
Star Micronics Thermal Print Engine.
Quiet Reliable Operation

Network Ready Laser Printer

Network Ready Laser Printer for Office or Scale House
IP Addressable for use by Any Authorized User on the Network
8-1/2" x 11" Plain Paper Black & White Laser Printer
Print Tickets or Reports In the Office or Scale House
Print Invoices or Customer Documentation
Can be Used in a Kiosk Enclosure for Un-Attended Operations

Scale Attendant Cash Drawer

Receive Cash Payments for Weight Transactions
Interfaces directly to TSWA Scale Management System
Easily Mounts to the Table Top or Under the Counter
Keeps Cash Secure Between Transactions

Inbound or Outbound Traffic Gate

Stop On-Coming Traffic from Entering your Loaded Truck Scale
Control Exiting the Scale until the Transaction is Completed
Prevent "Drive Through" traffic at you Weigh Out Station
Control Access to your Truck Scale

Traffic Lights

Control Traffic at your Truck Scale or Load Out Area
Enable the Next Truck in line to Enter the Truck Scale
Acknowledge a Completed Transaction and Allow a Truck to Exit
Can Be Driven By Scale Indicator or Dedicated Controller
Die Cast Aluminum or Fiber Glass Versions Available

Scoreboard Styled Weight Display

Available sizes from 4" to 12" Letters
Display Live Scale Data where Drivers and Loader Operators can see it
Easily Viewable in Direct Sunlight

Radiation Detection

Allows Landfill Sites to Automatically Monitor for Radiation Compliance
Provided Logical I/O Input to Scale Indicator and Sets an Alarm
Reset Procedure is Determined by Governing Authorities
Outputs can be Used for Audible Alarms, Gates or other Devices
Variable Set Point for Alarms and I/O Notifications

Magnetic Loop Vehicle Detection

Automatic Truck/Vehicle Detection
Better Manage Traffic Flow On and Off of Truck Scales
Provides "Vehicle Present" I/O Input to Scale Indicator for Traffic Control

Handheld Bar Code Scanner

Connects Directly to the PC or Scale Indicator
Allows for Fast, Accurate Data Entry of Process Information
Absolute Accuracy and Reliability
Easily Renewable Cord Set
Reads All Standard Bar Code Formats

Bar Code Scanner Holster

Fast Secure Retrieval of the Hand Held Scanner
Secure Snap Down Belt Loop for Personal Use
Can Easily Mount to Forklift Pillar for Mobile Use
Always Have the Scanner Ready to Use

Additional Logical I/O Expansion

Up to 36 I/O Points are Available with Modular Functionality
120 VAC or 24VDC Control Inputs or Outputs
Fully under the control of the Scale Indicator Program
Interface with Push Buttons, Indicator Lights, Gates, Radiation Detectors, Etc.

Wireless Remote Control I/O System

Up to 8 Inputs are Possible from a Single Handheld Remote
2, 4, 6, and 8 Point Systems are Available to be used in the Loader Cab
Provides Remote Relay Control for 120 VAC or 24VDC Outputs
8- Base Station Relays Operate in Momentary, Toggle , or Latching Mode
Ranges from 350 Yards to ½ Mile, Fixed Systems to over 5 Miles