Verified Data Collection System

"When every record matters"


    Verified Data Collection

  • Bi-directional confirmation of each record

    Error detection / correction

  • Checksum/CRC calculations confirm data arrived intact

    Closed loop communication

  • Field device does not remove record until VDAC says it is stored

The VDAC - Verified Data Collection System - is a closed-loop data collection utility which will record ASCII data received via RS-232 on a Windows based computer to a data file. This file can be opened and used by other programs.

Unlike most data collection utilities on the market, VDAC uses bi-directional, check-sum based protocol with the sending client, to verify that each data record is received and stored error free prior to requesting the next record from the client.

The VDAC main window will show the name of the current data file, the number of records received since startup, and the most recent data strings received by the system. The screen can remain maximized or it can be minimized to allow the system to continuously collect data while working in another application.