Waste & Recycling Industries

"Weighing solutions for the resource recovery industries"


    Ticketing / Invoicing

  • PC-based (tWeigh) scale transaction processing
  • Unattended and remote site networking
  • Track by material, customer, vehicle, destination, source

    Waste/Recyclables Sortation

  • Total and segregated weight transactions
  • Sort inbound materials by category
  • Barcode / magstripe / RFID reduces keystrokes

    Environmental regulation compliance

  • State and Federal Compliance reports
  • Random inspection triggers

    Production scrap tracking

  • Record scrap by department and shift and product
  • Verify scrap buyer transactions
  • Pickup notification to transmit page or email when container is near full

    Comprehensive Reporting

  • Ready to mail invoices
  • Ad-hoc queries for "what if" analysis
  • Data export to accounting packages, MS Office, email, web, ODBC, mainframes

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