Weighing and Verification System

"Track what you make, Verify what you ship"


    Weight verification by product, static and in-motion (conveyor)

  • Static operation on bench scales or floor scales
  • In motion operation using in-line conveyor scales
  • Product identification by bar-code scan or by production run

    Sortation divert control by weight, product SKU, shipper, etc.

  • Divert to rework / inspection lane
  • Visual accept/reject indication for manual operator sortation
  • Divert to shipping lanes according to order or shipper field

    Reduce incorrect shipments / Verify package weight and count

  • Configurable product tolerances per SKU/product ID
  • Incomplete kit / assembly / pick detection by weight
  • Catch shipping errors early when correction is less expensive

    Bar code labeling / Production reporting / Shipment reporting

  • Labels manually or automatically applied
  • Flexible query system for all items with given criteria
  • Optional scheduled report generation with automatic email send

    Standalone or interface to WMS / ERP / accounting systems

  • Live or batch product ID/SKU table transfer
  • Transfer via LAN / WAN / FTP / email
  • Export to Excel, database formats, HTML, ODBC, CSV, flat file



The WAVEX Weighing & Verification System is designed to check-weigh and ID verify.

The standard system is designed to work with static or in-motion scales using a scale indicator,  and will verify package ID numbers locally or via ODBC to a mainframe.

WAVEX provides real-time tolerance checking with Accept/Reject of finished goods on the production line.

The remote computer screen provides live display of tolerance checks and package ID verifications, displays real-time line graph of actual weights versus target weights, displays running count and average weight of current production run, displays rolling average of the last X number of weighments, and allows for Supervisor to monitor operators progress from PC screen.

A wide variety of standard reports and graphs, selectable by date-range and different sort orders, provides audit trail for quality reporting requirements.